The NudgeMeFirst platform engages people by delivering micro interventions based on the goals that are set up in a change program.   Using a multitude of delivery channels, the platform combines Machine Learning Algorithms, an intervention delivery API Engine and  cross form factor/cross device user interface.

The Machine Learning algorithms understand the population in play, generate  interventions, allow for the social network effect to build and sustain momentum and deliver nudges to the end-user via mobile apps, desktop widgets and enterprise API’s.

We believe in the power of reaching goals to support lasting change.  Reaching individual goals help the person, helps broader social groups and helps companies succeed!

3 Steps to get your Change Program going

  1. Choose a platform tier
  2. Upload user population details to the platform
  3. Download mobile/desktop app




Product Highlights

  • Available in SaaS or PaaS depending on your use-cases
  • Plug and Play Suite of Algorithms targeting a variety of use-cases
  • Easy to use API driven platform
  • Simple yet powerful Mobile interface
  • A PaaS offering to enhance your use-case. We will work with you to be the engine that powers your ideas.