Azulo is a data solutions company focused on providing tools and processes to collect, manage and get value from data sets of all sizes and shapes.

Data Science can be broken down into three major steps:

  1. Problem identification and definition
  2. Data Sourcing and data wrangling
  3. Model development, algorithm development, making predictions and statistical probability

Azulo focuses on Data Sourcing and Data Wrangling.  Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to create impact and sustainable value from data.  Whether you are in research, commercial manufacturing or high tech, we  apply services and technology in an iterative way to deliver solutions that help you succeed.

We bring over 100 years of experience delivering intelligence solutions and technology to people and organizations of all sizes.  Our team is expert at handling the dirty work of wrangling data, leaving you with a usable set of data to mine or use however you want to answer your most pressing business or research questions.